Friday, December 17, 2010

Mr. Tuxedo Cake is All Dressed Up!

Yesterday, I made my Dad's favorite cake - Tuxedo Cake! You can see the recipe from the first time I made Mr. Tuxedo Cake in this previous post.  My Dad requested this cake from me to give to his coworker for Christmas, so instead of buttercream decoration on top of the ganache, I put some silk poinsettias =)

I apologize for the 'in the box and ready to go' picture - I do usually try to make the pictures prettier, this was just the best one I got! 
I think this cake turned out better than my previous attempt - the sides are straighter, I better controlled my ganache glaze and my whipped cream didn't crack while it stabilized in the fridge!  I can really see that all the classes, online tutorials, and cake research are paying off!

Many more Christmas cakes to come this week - Happy Baking, ya'll!

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